Welcome to FBCS

Welcome to the Admissions Department of Faith Bible Christian School!

Greetings...I am so glad you stopped in!

I would love the opportunity to meet you and to learn a little more about your family and what it is you are looking for in a school. I would love to hear more about your student or students, and what you think they need in order to thrive.

If given this opportunity to meet up, I would first tell you that we value character development right up there with academics. Our teachers are invested in our students- academically, emotionally, and spiritually. We cap our class sizes in all grades just to be sure each student is able to get the individual help they need.

Because we know that each child is a wonderful and unique creation of God, we strive to nurture the whole child, inside and out. Therefore, we value the arts in all grade levels, both fine and performing, and offer fantastic STEAM / Project Based Learning spaces, where otherwise abstract academics come to life. Our sports programs begin in 3rd grade and go through high school, where many of our teams and individual athletes make state appearances. We offer many opportunities for our students to serve God and their communities, both locally and internationally.

If you were to come in to look around, I would share with you how the Faith Bible community is a family, and how that changes everything! I love nothing more than helping families decide if Faith is the right fit for them!

I look forward to meeting you,

Danell Macy
Director of Admissions
Faith Bible Christian School