Notable Grads

The Johnsons

Hannah, Micah, and Sarah (Meador) Johnson had the privilege of attending Faith Bible Christian School from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Among other things, Faith Bible challenged them to excel academically, think critically, take responsibility, live compassionately, and be strong leaders. These traits are evidenced in the lives and careers of Hannah (2012) who is an elementary school teacher in Bend, OR and is pursuing her Master's in Administration, Micah (2013) who is a National Merit Scholar, received a full-ride scholarship, and is in Marketing at the Walmart Headquarters in San Francisco, CA, and Sarah Meador (2015) who is an RN with her BSN and is a nurse at Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro, OR. Having a Christ-centered education from Faith Bible gave them the tools to enter adulthood with a clearer understanding of their faith and the responsibilities that Christians have in our world.

-Barbara Johnson (mom)

Caleb Vandergeissen

Class of 2020
My time at Faith Bible equipped me to have the hard conversations; to stand up for what I believe in. It taught me how to love and how to speak truth and life into hateful situations. It made a difference in me and inspired me to, in turn, make a difference in the world. And in four short years it gave me a family. A family I know that I will always be a part of. I know that I was challenged and encouraged both as a student, but more importantly as a believer of Christ, as I enter into the world.

Mitchell Vanvuren

I attended FBCS starting in kindergarten and graduated in 2012. I am currently an economist and PhD candidate at the University of California San Diego. My research focuses on the macroeconomics of growth and development and has been featured by professional societies such as the Center for Economic Policy Research, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and scholarly conferences at Yale, Berkeley, the World Bank, and other institutions.

Looking back at my time at Faith, the dedication of the teachers stands out. Miss O (the math teacher) organized and taught an entire second year calculus course at 7am before normal classes started so that three friends and I could continue to prepare for college.

For me, the benefits from FBCS were as social as they were academic. The welcoming small- school environment afforded me many opportunities to participate in sports and activities that I otherwise wouldn’t have and helped me learn to be comfortable and confident. It’s these skills and flexibility that I think have had the biggest impact on my life.