Student Life

Special Events

Of course school is a place to learn, but we like to have fun at the same time!
At Faith Bible we do our best to fill the year with special events. Many of these have become beloved annual traditions, like the high school retreats to Winema on the coast. In recent years, we have put a lot of time and energy into reconnecting with our alumni during Homecoming Week. It is always amazing to see our graduates return with tales of adventures since high school. It is a wonderful reminder that once you’re a Falcon, you’re always part of the Faith Bible Family

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  • Homecoming Week

    Homecoming Week is celebrated by the entire school and is typically during the first or second week of October. It includes several different events, and there is something for everyone! Our High school student council is responsible for planning homecoming week, and they work with the elementary and junior high student council's to involve everyone. Homecoming week includes:

    Spirit Week- themed dress up days for ALL students! Some our favorites are Twin/Triplet Day, Ultimate Sports fan Day, and Decades Day.

    Class competitions: Lunchtime games! At the high school, points are kept throughout the week.

    Great Race: This is an awesome and highly anticipated high school tradition! All week the classes have been competing in lunchtime class competitions, and then on Friday, there are no classes and it is all about the Great Race! This is a really fun time for each class to bond with one another and come together in a fun, exciting hours long competition, requiring team work and school spirit. Every classmate is encouraged to participate in at least one game or another. The Great Race culminates in a 10 person pyramid, and you haven't seen anything until you've seen 10 people make a pyramid in less than 10 seconds! Points from lunchtime are added to Friday’s events to determine the winner!

    Falcon Fair: The Friday of Homecoming Week is also the day of our annual Falcon Fair! Held at the Hillsboro campus, the Falcon Fair is a big, fun family event! Designed like a state fair, the Falcon Fair includes carnival games, face painting, bounce houses, and lots of great food! Our high school students are encouraged to help run this event and can earn service hours by volunteering. Faith Bible families are encouraged to bring outside friends and family to the event. All are welcome!

    Homecoming Dance: That Saturday, the high school student council hosts our annual homecoming dance, usually at the high school campus. Our homecoming dances are typically casual or semi formal, and set to a unique theme each year. Most often our students will come in groups of friends, having had dinner together prior to the dance. Often times student council will offer a dessert buffet at the dance.

    Homecoming Sports Events: That week, there will be at least two special sporting events. Often, Rooter Busses are arranged to transport large groups of students to the events. We invite our alumni to attend, and love to honor them at this time.

    Alumni Connection: Our alumni are invited to reconnect with us during Homecoming Week. We love seeing our graduates come back and share stories of their adventures since high school. On the Wednesday of Homecoming Week, we host an alumni luncheon, and look forward to bringing the Faith Bible Family together again!
  • High School Dances

    Our high school student council hosts two dances every year- Homecoming in October and Prom in the spring. With a school our size, and with the closeness of our student body, everyone in grades 9-12 attend. Homecoming is either casual or semi-formal, and typically held on the high school campus. Prom is a formal dance and hosted at an off-site location. Our DJ’s are fantastic, and are very discerning about the music played. Our students conduct themselves so well that, without fail, each year the people from the prom venue remark that we are welcome back anytime. We’re very proud of our students!
  • Retreats

    5th/6th Grade: Our 5th and 6th Grade students alternate going to Outdoor School one year and on their Upper Elementary retreat the next.

    Junior High: 7th and 8th grade Falcons have a two day retreat in September to Camp Dakota. There they play games, participate in a challenge course, worship, and have a chance to become closer to friends and their teachers.

    High School: Our high school students have two retreats every year. In September, they go to either Canby Grove or Winema, and then they return to Winema in May. Seniors are given the privilege of leaving one day early. There is a tradition of the senior class hosting a themed dinner for everyone in the fall, and then the junior class is passed the torch and hosts a dinner in the spring. Their time on these retreats allows for fun, games, and free time, with a focus on worship, and strengthening their own connection to God. Guest speakers are asked to come minister to our students, and our worship band provides a beautiful backdrop.
  • Falcon Frenzy

    Falcon Frenzy is our main annual student fundraiser, and is an important event which supports current and future programs and improvements at FBCS. It is held each spring, and always includes a fun run at the elementary campus. Family members are welcome to participate or join their students on the day of the event. Students are asked to reach out to friends and family to find sponsors. In the past, Falcon Frenzy donations have helped to pay for new busses and our recent gym refurbishment.

    This year, we had a Spirit Week at the K-6 campus leading up to the Falcon Frenzy event, and we included a canned food drive service project. Funds raised will be used to grow and improve our fine arts program. Among other things, this will include musical instruments, laptops and cameras for yearbook and newspaper, and items needed for our worship program.

    Also this year, we included the junior high in the planning of their own Falcon Frenzy event. Team work, school spirit, and sportsmanship were at the center of everything we did. The 7-8th grade students chose to do a Handball/Knock Out/School Spirit Tournament! It was a ton of fun and helped to raise money for improvements to their junior high campus, including helping to fund a permanent student store.