Program Overview

Our Program

As children grow, their needs and capabilities grow as well. That is why we have developed specific programs throughout our entire program to address this growth. By recognizing the developmental process- academically, socially, spiritually, and physically- we can tailor each program level to the specific needs of our students. As their capabilities grow, so do the challenges we put before them. Each step of they way, we honor that our students are uniquely made by God, and do our best to nurture each individual where they are every step of the way. Our program is broken down into Early Childhood (pk3-kindergarten), Elementary (1st-4th), Upper Elementary (5th-6th), Junior High (7th and 8th) and High School (9th-12th).

In Fall 2021, we launched the Faith Bible Early College Program! Working in partnership with George Fox, Portland Community College, and Corban University, FBEC allows high school students to earn up to one year of college credit or an Associate of Applied Science Transfer Degree, all within a family-oriented, faith-based community. What sets FBEC apart is that students can do all that while remaining connected to a full high school experience, including sports, enrichment, fine arts, extracurricular activities, student leadership, worship, ministry, and more.

Faith Bible continues to be dedicated to excellence in academic instruction and character development, while also prioritizing the emotional, social, and spiritual health of our students. We are very excited for what the future holds at FBCS!

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  • Early Childhood

    Play is the business of learning at the earliest ages. Our early childhood program includes PK3, PK4, and kindergarten. At this level we focus on social and spiritual development, as well as academics. Our students solidify their knowledge of colors and shapes, letters and numbers, counting, and phonics. As students are capable, they begin to read for themselves. We help our students to understand that God loves them, and they learn of God through His word. Every day our youngest students are practicing good manners and applying biblical principles. We help them in developing self expression of both thoughts and feelings.
  • Elementary

    Our elementary school program is designed to embrace the constant change happening in a young child. With a traditional approach to learning, our self-contained classrooms provide a caring and safe environment. Teachers guide their students to explore their potential by helping them understand God’s unceasing love. As children become free and safe to love God and others, they are open to become whole learners. With an emphasis on reading, writing, and mathematics, our teachers help create the momentum in each child, building a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Upper Elementary

    Our upper elementary teachers position students to make the most of their learning. With a shift to increased personal responsibility, we understand our students’ thirst for affirmation and encouragement. Little things can easily become big things, and big things sometimes don't become big enough. There is a deep need for balance. Our teachers are on a mission to lead their fourth and fifth grade students to the develop their identity as God made them to be, not who they think they are. Our focus on academic excellence continues across all subject matter. Content learning and retention of information becomes a priority in the classroom. This is the age where the pieces and patterns of past and present learning make this age group a gift.
  • Junior High

    Many families fear the middle school years. We say fear not! Our faculty are passionate about the energy, enthusiasm, and even the erratic emotions of middle school students. We call out the best in each student, reminding them of their value and worth as a child of God. This leads to success in all areas. Our environment establishes the backdrop for a comprehensive academic program. Each year we witness miracles as students grow and mature and knowledge and wisdom.
  • High School

    It is not uncommon to walk down the halls of Faith Bible High School and know most, if not all, of the students you see there. The small class sizes allow for solid relationships, not just with classmates, but with teachers. One of our main objectives is to create and uphold a family atmosphere. At this level and in every way, we strive for academic excellence, meeting each student where they are developmentally. We provide project-based learning opportunities through home economics, woodworking, the career mentoring program, and engineering, among other things.

    Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in our AP, dual credit, and honors programs. We have a 100% graduation rate, with many of our graduates attending prestigious colleges and universities. We aim to prepare every one of our students for life after high school through our career and college preparedness programs.

    Those students desiring a head start on their college experience may apply for FBEC, the Faith Bible Early College Program. We are excited to be partnering with both Grand Canyon University and Portland Community College to provide college credit courses, while also ensuring that our FBEC students are fully enriched by a vibrant high school campus life. With the launch of our program, students no longer have to give up all those special and unique experiences only found in high school.