Enrichment & Electives

Junior High

Junior High age students are ready for more- more challenge, more experiences, more excitement. So, as they grow, so do their enrichment opportunities. This is when individuals begin to develop new interests and need the ability to discover untapped skill sets.

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  • Worship Team

    Worship team is an amazing opportunity to plan and lead worship twice weekly, at both elementary and junior high chapels. This is a bible-focused class.
  • Yearbook

    Students have the opportunity to learn about photography, graphic design, composition, and theme, while creating a publication their friends will keep for years to come. Students learn skills valuable throughout their education such as, organization, focus, planning, and follow through.
  • Study Skills

    This is for learners who need extra help. Students will have access to individualized instruction in areas of specific concern. Students will also explore different learning styles and strategies, so that they may learn to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Spanish

    Intro to Spanish: This is a class to introduce you to Spanish language and culture. This class will help you to be engaged and become familiar with common Spanish vocabulary terms and phrases, participating in simple conversations, and respond appropriately.
  • World Cultures

    A class to explore different cultures around the world. We will be "traveling" through the world and learn their brief history, language, family life, education, religious beliefs, food, famous people, fun and outstanding facts, just to name a few. We will learn what aspects of the country do set them apart from other areas of the world.
  • Drama

    Our junior high drama class learns, practices, and performs short skits and plays, with several opportunities throughout the school year to perform in chapel. The class discovers and practices all the elements of creating a drama production, and performs at least one large production in the early spring. Auditions are held at that time to fulfill the roles.
  • Rotating Science Electives

    Our junior high teachers have a contagious enthusiasm for all things science! At Faith Bible, we like to offer science electives that our students ask for specifically. Based on interest, we rotate through several science electives, such as forensic science, fitness science, mad science, and science competition.